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A journey of self-reflection, created by Komala Lyra & Araminta Barbour, in a collaboration of sensitivity,  intuition and refined skills.

A time of integration... recognising and deactivating patterns of conditioning that hold us back from the fullness of body-heart-soul expression.

An inner adventure... using erotic awakening as creative power.

A dive into darkness...releasing fear, shame, taboo, and/or unconscious identifications, unveiling our aliveness, and freeing the vibrancy of untamed life force. 

An open space...dissolving inner separations and contractions between masculine and feminine energetic qualities independent of gender definition,  integrating their dance at a personal and collective level.

The outcome is a fresh outburst of creative power overflowing into expressions of love, freedom, and uniqueness, becoming a river of aliveness, inspiring a new vision of embodiment and abundance of resources.

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A transmission from our retreat in India

Avishag Gaya with music from Masa / מסע

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce,

and strong, and full of fire,

and that not even she could hold herself back

because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

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