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The journey


Komala Lyra

Mystic, gypsy, dakini, life-adventurer, dancer, writer, artist, healer with a broad pallet of skills, Komala has over 30 years experience offering workshops, retreats and educational programs internationally.

Araminta Barbour

Founder of The Sanctuary in Guatemala where she has been based for over 10 years, Araminta is an international speaker, coach and transformational workshop facilitator.



These fierce women are ready to share this retreat with others around the world, as highly qualified inspirational guides and awesome human beings. 

They have a background on group facilitation and professional skills on their own expertise, combined with various immersions in Women Who See in the Dark retreats, where they have absorbed the essence of this program.

Each retreat is offered by two facilitators sharing different energetic expressions, enriching each other, while inviting participants to expand their own perceptions.