A change of perception

Moving beyond labels and conditioning
Daily Inquiry

WOMEN WHO SEE IN THE DARK brings a daily focus on the relationship between masculine and feminine energetic qualities inside of us and so often alienated from each other. This program brings a novel and powerful approach to these aspects, and invites creative collaboration between women.


These gatherings deepen heart and soul alignment to share a new vision of embodiment and resources. We focus on activating the flow of life force throughout the physical, emotional and energetic bodies, expressed in the polarities of male and female archetypes.


Each day centers around a core question, an inquiry that leads to deep reflections and is answered through an expressive process - poems, theater, touch, dance, painting and/or songs… These daily activities are framed by a morning practice with Tandava – Tantra Yoga, and evening Darkness Meditation.

Release - Reset - Resource









This retreat centers around full body aliveness, emotional fluidity,

creative power,

and energetic integration of body-heart-soul.









Often, being strong and independent disguises desire and pain, fear and competition, under the mask of auto-sufficiency. In truth, emotional values are not recognized, and vulnerability is hidden behind the need to prove strength.





We have observed that collectively women have internalized

masculine qualities in a distorted way – through force, ambition, fight, comparison etc…

This historical evolution has led to

a superficial women’s “independence".




Is there true satisfaction

in your life?

Are you feeling nourished and joyful?

Do you enjoy the

work you do?

Time to go deeper and reset!


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