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- Darkness -

Life seeks life… Darkness reveals life unborn… all that is available, potential and fear, connection and aloneness, secrets and revelations.

Infinite space, awakening all that has been avoided, longed for, hidden, feared, desired…

The howl of separation, and the scream of greatest joy.

This is the call of the darkness, as source, as roar of life seeking where it comes from.

Full circle, the serpent eating its own tail…

Becoming one with all that passes through the screen of our perception, awareness, sensibility, mental patterns… It is all the same…

Dive! It is uncanny how there is nothing to be seen, and all can be seen, only if we dare to keep our eyes wide open in total darkness.

At the end, there is no other choice but the breath of intimacy…

" Under the stars and the light of the moon
is a maiden dressed in red
Walking alone with the sand of the desert dusted upon the bare souls of her feet
Making her way back to her tribe
Into the fire of surrender.
As women they gather in the red tent
Modelling all faces of the divine
to dance, to heal, to explore what it means to be fully alive
She is a beacon, a light to the world
Unafraid of the darkness she invites the void in
At home in the spaciousness
the emptiness where creation begins
She is now a woman,
A woman who can see in the dark."

by Natalie Peire

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