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We dance in collaboration to share what is alive now.

We introduce our energetic bio using an inspiring Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid to invite reflection.

If you are curious about our lives, you can follow the links to find out more details.


Komala Lyra . Wild Woman
She dances in the sky, burns with the heart’s fire, moves with the wind, dives into deep waters, revealing nakedness in cosmic synchronicity.

Songs vibrate her body and she listens…singing alone loudly, or whispering…
Fierceness is unavoidable, as Life dissolves ideals and protections.

Inner radiance shines behind all moods, in remembrance…  She has been around the planet, speaks in tongues, meets you at the core of darkness-light.
Sharing happens out of overflow, in gratefulness for the ones who receive her love.

Araminta Barbour . The Jaguar
She dances in the sky, burns with the heart’s fire, moves with the wind,

constantly dives into deep waters…

Songs vibrate her body and she listens…  singing alone loudly, or whispering…
Her courage is unavoidable, as Life dissolves ideals and protections,

revealing nakedness in cosmic synchronicity.
Inner radiance shines behind all moods, in remembrance…
She has been around the planet, she speaks in tongues, she meets the core of darkness-light.
Sharing happens out of overflow, in gratefulness for the ones who receive her love.


Alice Hong - Thunder

She braves storms, watchful, attentive, moment to moment. Watchful eyes, observant to the captivating alchemy of the clouds and the earth.

As darkness brews, she gathers energy from the growling of a storm.
From a charge, a polarity, an imbalance, from the friction in the air that builds over time. 

When your inner storm brews and shadows loom, as your heart beats faster and your frightened child begs you to find shelter, she shows herself as a flash of light - as insight - to enlighten…to illuminate,
only for a moment in time - so that you can see things clearly.

And as lighting strikes, she reminds you to awaken to the immense force of your own power. Receive the transmissions from the heavens and ground it into your human life on earth.

 Susanne Dilcher . Middle World

She represents the “middle world” in its beauty and its challenges: whatever this world means for you, she has probably  been there and experienced it.

From natural sciences to motherhood, from management to organization and structure, the middle word has often been confronted  with the apparent contradictions of intuition and trust in the universe.

She doesn´t pretend to have found solutions for these polarities, but she has navigated them for 60 years and feel profoundly that we don’t have to choose.

This and that are the same... As above as below...



Roisin Kiernan . Coyote 
She sees you as energy, beautiful being of light; the sweet soul vibrations of your truth... Though she will not abide your shadow.
She will reflect that truth in a manner beyond tongue – a look, a story, a tale of time. She will send smoke signals to the sky, serenading you with the remembrance of your own whispers. She knows you hear them.
She returns time and again, shape-shifting, twisting, magnetising, dancing as a trickster, shaman,  whose inner child was once too scared to be seen.
She howls out your shadow medicine from beneath the veils..

Do you see her? Let walk the realms of truth together.

Maria Stefanova . Sorcerer

She draws breath that is not her own. She is the One who walks in vanquished flesh, for flesh is dead to her. No chain can hold her, she will never be afraid again. She is the harbinger, the chosen one. She  cannot be stopped, for it is  Spirit that walks through her. She is the One who cannot be killed. She is the One from whom the enemy flees. 

 She is starseed - both meek and terrible.  She is the One for whom the treasures of darkness have been laid up for.  She is the liberator of the chained souls. She is the One who melts these chains she has put upon herself with the blazing fires of Divine love.  She is the One who frees those who have serpents coiled up around them. She carries the blinding light of truth in her bones vanquishing the dark in the lives of those around her. She is the One who has the powers of Creation flowing through her. The enemy already begins to tremble in her presence. May his days be shortened."


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Eva Kovarova - Standing Still 

I am too small myself to change the world... Only together we are whole.
So I stand still to hear feel YOU in my core...
Hide and seek, our popular game although YOU and ME are the same... 

Stillness delivers wisdom from spirit to soul to heart to body. 

Silence breathes clouds and sunsets. she sees through time, she knows the whispers of the wind, and the songs of ancient trees. 

She waits...sometimes calmly, sometimes impatiently, her inner core does not lie, timing will  announce the  next impulse of Life awakening her womb into action.

Her wisdom dances with inner pulsation,.

Pavitra Gurumurti - Taming Wind

The wind can never be tamed.Within this chaotic, unpredictable and ever so fluid nature, lies a place from which it was born.
The place of utmost serenity, solidity and strength. It is for the eye of the beholder to see and sense this beauty, in its most divine form.

Breathing out life to everything that it touches.
Creating a whirlwind of destruction to all that no longer blushes.Such is the nature of the one who tames the wind.
She is that and all of that, is her.


Nancy Popp - The Gatherer

Rooted in  abundance  as  a  constant, knowing  that  the  universe  supplies  all  her  needs,  the  

Gatherer  moves  with  deep  seasonal  cycles  of  fullness  and  emptiness.  

Having  experienced  and  accepted  times  of  scarcity  and  periods  of  

lack, grief,  stillness,  and  hibernation,  she  appreciates  the  copiousness  of  harvests  and  periods  of  plenty  all  the  more.

 Sharing  freely  of  the  gifts  bestowed  upon  her  ensures  she  is  always  rich  with  generosity,  and will  be  sustained  in  times  of  need.  Her  hands  and heart  are  open  in  giving  and  in  receiving the  flow  of  energy  that  is  the  source  of  all  prosperity.

Natalie Peire - Vision Quest

She erases past and future, as her vision is the freshness of now.

Memories are imprinted in her bones as guidance beyond time.  

She opens the portals into seeing what is yet covered by time, yet does not budge from being real now.  She is fierce into her quest to be life itself, shapeshifting queen, dancer, story teller, witch, fierce warrior of love.

Visions arise in the desert, when the heart is empty, when the eyes are clear, when the voice is sweet, when the time is ripe. 

She receives truth in the darkness without blinking.

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Jutta Hetch - Luminous Warrior

She is in love with life! The deep scent of the earth after the rains, tasting the freshness of spring

 swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans. The warmth of the sun makes her alive! 

The wind dancing with her hair, moved by the heartbeat of spaciousness!

Life is luscious and full of opposites, flavored with difficulties and ecstasies!

She loves chocolates and olives, stillness and movement.

She loves to feel free in this dance of seeming duality!

The qualities inner and outer as a fluid dance! Life does not need protection!

Her joyful, strong and feminine spirit

uses clarity as a weapon and ally, moving from the core with sharp innocence in alignment with

 truth and higher vision! Contradictions are her field of motivation and inspiration.

Raising her two amazing children from boys to young men taught me fierceness and compassion. As she climbs high mountain peaks, she swims bare feet  in the oceans, dancing in all directions! The heartbeat of the Luminous Warrior! 

Skylark- The Eagle

On the wind, the need for speed punctuation, the very trajectory through nothing, Skylark births and rebirths from her own ashes. Stillness & velocity alike in every heartbeat, the blinding noise & salted wounds of silence - how they all collapse when she just lets GO!! The clouds, the trees, the flowers, the leaves - they enchant her in delightful conversation the vast expanses of the sky she calls home is an ice cream swirl of a cushioning embrace. What can she possibly tell you of transcendence? The maddening mind is her constant companion, but also her astute coach.Eager to dance with you, this dance of the Cosmic Multiverse. 

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