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12 - 18 july 2024 / Le Domaine Vert - France

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A circle of women gathering to rejuvenate, celebrate and explore their untapped creative power.

Nurturing practices designed to restore your inner peace combining darkness meditation, dreamwork, art and creative expression.

Deep inquiry through tantric and shadow integration practices.

Retreat Experience with delicious healthy meals, biopool and cozy accommodation.


Women sitting together aligning intention...

Facing the fire, inviting the flames to dissolve stories…

Piercing eyes into what has been hidden, postponed, distorted, ignored…

Daring to look into the dark, unknown, mysterious….

Recovering the healing gifts of feminine intuition…

Releasing identifications to allow celebration... 

Honoring personal accountability...


The new moon rises within the darkest night...

NOW calls for remembering...

Intention,  individually and collectively…

Integration, inviting the masculine to dance within…  

∞ Vibrancy, igniting the heart and soul within our body-channel...
∞ Power, facing the shadows and releasing vulnerability...

∞ Love, as the space from where all arises and returns... 

∞ Vision, within the temple of glowing ambers, we can SEE that is REAL…


Our time together is designed in layers, weaving and integrating...  

Communication, expressive arts, conscious movement, wild dance, collaboration, ancient wisdom...

Our Venue
∞ Monte da Orada - Odemira, SW Portugal ∞

Monte Orada is an old sanctuary. It is a place to get inspired to redesign life's attitudes on Earth and manifest that awakening. 

Orada was started on the vision that nature, health and sustainability are fundamental insights to Transition out of the toxicity of modern times.

We focus on organic farming, conscious nutrition, meditation and permaculture. We are space holder context, not a guesthouse, hotel or a restaurant.

We are nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of Odemira, Alentejo, South West Portugal, bordering Algarve.


Please download the following PDF file and share your travel plans with our Organizer Marcello​

Your Investment
  • 9 days of powerful practices

  • Accommodation: 9 Nights 10 Days shared accommodation at Orada soul retreat center - Portugal

  • Deluxe Meals: Three full vegetarians meals per day (option to add chicken or fish)

  • Natural Biopool

  • Sauna

  • Facilitation and support of Komala Ji and Alice Hong

  • Joint Facilitation with Aaron Kleinerman's Men's Initiation Journey for the last tho days

  • A unique necklace jewel that will be gifted only to participants of Women Who See In The Dark (€280 value)

  • Massages and Ice Baths on request
  • Beverage Bar: Unlimited herbal teas, coffee and purified water service


  • Flights and travel costs to and from the venue

  • Optional spa treatments

​Super Early Bird Price: €2240 (0 spaces left)

Early Bird Price: €2550 (2 spaces left)

Assistant Price: €1500 (3 spaces left)

Regular Price: €2880
Deposit: €680

Your Facilitators

Komala Lyra . Wild Woman
She dances in the sky, burns with the heart’s fire, moves with the wind, dives into deep waters, revealing nakedness in cosmic synchronicity.

Songs vibrate her body and she listens…singing alone loudly, or whispering…
Fierceness is unavoidable, as Life dissolves ideals and protections.

Inner radiance shines behind all moods, in remembrance…  She has been around the planet, speaks in tongues, meets you at the core of darkness-light.
Sharing happens out of overflow, in gratefulness for the ones who receive her love.

Alice Hong - Thunder

She braves storms, watchful, attentive, moment to moment. Watchful eyes, observant to the captivating alchemy of the clouds and the earth.

As darkness brews, she gathers energy from the growling of a storm.
From a charge, a polarity, an imbalance, from the friction in the air that builds over time. 

When your inner storm brews and shadows loom, as your heart beats faster and your frightened child begs you to find shelter, she shows herself as a flash of light - as insight - to enlighten…to illuminate,
only for a moment in time - so that you can see things clearly.

And as lighting strikes, she reminds you to awaken to the immense force of your own power. Receive the transmissions from the heavens and ground it into your human life on earth.

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