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The Seductress

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

by Alice Hong

I never saw myself as someone who seduced. I thought that a seducer was someone that used their sexual power to get their way, a skill that I didn’t have...or at least didn’t want to own...mostly because I am intimidated by this archetype.

What I’m learning is that we are all seducers. It’s actually the first thing that we learn coming into this world as seduce our caregivers to get our needs met. Because we have survival needs and no way to meet them on our own, we learn to manipulate our world, and those in it, to get what we need.

We cry.

We giggle.

We make a funny face.

We put our toys away.

We throw food on the floor.

We make a fuss.

We throw a temper tantrum.

We play hard to get.

We pretend we don’t care.

We are the “good” girl.

We are the rebel.

We stay silent.

As we grow up, these survival strategies come along with us as we seduce others to get what we want.

The promotion.

The guy or gal.

The contract.

The gig.

The laundry done.

Someone to help us.

To receive love.

To be loved.

What happens if we drop these strategies of seduction? How would we show up?

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